Saturday, June 30, 2007

Luna - times two!

Okay, I'm a bit obsessive. Still love the Luna pattern. I've finished two more - one for me in Super Kydd Sapphire - and used the leftover Swarovski crystals from the first shawl on this one too, though I had to go to the Expen$ive Bead $hop to get a few more. I'm sticking with Fire Mountain Gems from here on out!

The second one was a gift to be used in the raffle at our annual family reunion that was held today. This Luna was done in Super Kydd in the Ice Blue color. The pictures don't do the color justice - I got a lot of wonderful complements at my LYS when I brought it in. I love this color and may consider doing another to keep for myself. At this point I can finish a Luna in about eight days -but I still cannot memorize the lace pattern! I guess the mirror image thing is what I can't get my brain to wrap around. Or I'm just too danged old.

Swarovki crystals again, this time 5mm ice blue bicones - a bit too big, but it's hard to tell what it will really look like until it is blocked out.

DD Rachel with Pepper who loves being held, but not when her hair still wet from the shower...

And I finally found the perfect color for the Luna destined for my son's former teacher, now moved to New York (and much missed). The yarn has a good deal more green than the photo shows, but I think that it is as close to perfect as I'm going to find. Casting on soon - unless the Zephyr for Mystery Stole #3 arrives before and I cannot resist!


Friday, June 29, 2007

No Shawl Progress

But celebrating anyway - celebrating my 102nd post, that is. Click here to join the fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

finished peruvian wrap

after many needle changes and yarn changes i found the right combinations. here is my completed "peruian cusco wrap" as modeled by my punk rock daughter.

pattern: elann peruvian cuzco wrap minus the cuzco
yarn: started with moda dea tootsie, but i couldn't "see" the stitches well, finished product has hand dyed chunky wool, green tea colorway from see jayne knits yarns... jayne has wonderful colorways and she is a peach to work with. very accommodating.
needles used: #15 clover bamboo needles.... inexpensive and warm

thats it. i love the wrap, and even got to wear it on a trip to the garden stand, as we had a really cool weekend here in Vermont.

thank you to everyone here, great shawls. thank you to lisa for setting up this shawl-a-long. and a big thank you to joan, for knowing just how hard to nudge me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Detail, at last

I finished my Luna Moth Shawl in early May, then headed off on an overseas trip, which was, unfortunately followed by a sad event that left me out of touch for a while. Before we left, I was asked to post a picture with more detail on my shawl and here it is...finally.

Can you say "MindCramp"

Good Lord ~ I just read my first post to the group and I am horrifired because I said hope to make some sock knitter friends. Can you tell my mind had a cramp lol. Anyway I do have some pic's to shwo what I have been doing though they aren't shall items but at least you can see that I can knit lol. I have started a mystery shawl and will have photo of that to post tomorrow.
The top pic is of the tote I designed for a tote exchange I had just felted it and still had to remove the ping pong balls and shape it.
Next photo is my "hersey" kiss hat I made, first project using DPN's.
The wash cloth was part of a knit along for the LSY. They did gift bags for the Fisher House at the VA Hospsital. It was fun and so easy making the wash cloth gave me ideas for Christmas gift to put together.
Then the the shrug I made using D. Bliss Stella in Color #9 It is too small for me so I am sending it to my daughter. With the note to hand wash as this yarn has silk in it. The last but not least is the finished cable knit purse that I made. So I dolike to keep busy and try a variety of knitting projects. HAve an awesome Sunday all!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hello all. I just joined this wonderful(ly inspiring) knitalong.

I have plans to make the Sun Ray Shawl for my grandmother using's DK wool in "Café Crème," a soft pink. I can't wait for the yarn to arrive!

Also, tonight I just realized that HPY got one of my previous orders wrong and I was sent lace weight instead of their Colonia 140. So.. to make lemonade from lemons, I've decided to make the Moonlight Sonata shawl. The yarn I have is a gorgeous dark blue (Sodalita).

And... sometime in the future I plan on dying some stashed Berroco Ultra Alpaca and making the Luna Moth shawl.

What can I say? I'm crazy for these shawls. I made the Flower Petal Shawl last year and I love it so much.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Person joining the ranks!

Hi all,

My name is Cheryl and I am a 47 yr. old disabled veteran, as is my hubby, we are both retired military. I started knitting again after a 20+ yr. hiatus. I had surgery and was off my feet for several weeks and decided to start knitting again. I guess when you get older you appreciate some of the finer arts like knitting. Well I haven’t stopped knitting. We live in TX and share our home with 2 small dogs a Chinese Crested named Rita she is 6 yr. old and the baby Sir Angus Seton (Angus for short) he is a toy poodle in the rare color markings of a Black and Red Phantom. Boy is he a little pistol at times lol. We have a nice home, I was able to have my own office/craft room so I can enjoy knitting in my room and if I have a “big” project I can leave it out without having to worry about someone touching it. I presently have several WIPs. I have 2 pair of socks, Lacey Baby Blanket, a Throw, two purse/totes on needles, and just started a Mystery Shawl, so I will be starting the Bed of Roses Shawl when I get the other shawl. Yes call me a go getter, since this is my first attempt at making one of them. I have a twisted cable throw, Dragonfly Wings shawl, plus I am working on a design for a felted purse to name a few. I find knitting to be relaxing and soothing. Not only is it a great way to stimulate the brain make it work. I have had a brain/head injury when in the service so the knitting actually helps my brain stay focused and the need to know and learn new knitting things/projects is great. I hope to make some new sock knitting friends.

Everyone have a blessed weekend!
Cheryl (CW)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just Joined!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Donna and I just found this Elann Shawl KAL on their website yesterday. I have a few of their patterns printed out, but I thought I would start with the Pacific Waves Shawl. I'm going to go and have a look at what is in my stash that would be good for this. Also, I'm a very slow knitter so I hope this won't be a problem. Anyway, I'm glad I found you, because I've been a very big fan of Elann for quite a while. Thanks for letting me join! As soon as I choose my yarn I'll let you know. Does anyone have any ideas for this? What would be best? Any hints would be great. Again, thanks,


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Luna in blue started

Nothing exciting to report. I've started Luna in blue, still working through the top part. I'm not even sure I want this shawl in blue. I started it in blue before I received my latest Elann order, now I'm eyeing some of that red Ruby HW for the shawl. We'll see...


Monday, June 18, 2007

Just Getting Started

Well, I finally cast on for my Pacific waves Shawl. I'm doing mine in the Brazilia print. And, I've already made a mistake and had to tink. Apparently I can't count, plus my son kept asking questions about this show we were watching. If he had been listening instead of constantly talking, he would have understood what was going on. No sympathy, please- he's 12 and should know better, especially when I finally yell "I'm trying to count!!!" I should also know not to knit at 10:00 pm.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Luna Finished before the end of Juna

I have finished my Luna in KP ShineSport in Coral! IT was a joy to knit. I added an extra repeat and think i should have added another. Oh Well, its still perdy! Without further ado...

My luna for Juna

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moonlight Sonata shawl's neckline and the diagram

It was shortsighted of me didn't include a diagram for this pattern. I am belatedly posting the picture of my first Moonlight Sonata shawl knitted with seasilk which Benne sent to me. The neckline, I started with 73, it looks a little bit small. In my free pattern, I started with slightly larger neckline. Hope this will help!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moonlight Sonata is complete....

and blocking on the spare bed. It's a biggie , I couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture, and extra repeats of the pattern were not necessary.

I only made a few changes because of the weight of the yarn and I'm glad that I did as it would have been way to wide had I not taken one motiff off each side. (73 st. for the first row instead of 97 st) Pardon my drawing skills ....I hope my little chart shows the shape and dimensions clearly?

Wondering what to make now?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Not over Yet

I am pretty sure Lisa intended for the Knit A Long to be May and June, thats why she is making a "Luna for Juna" SO keep on knitting and keep on posting Grace, who if I am wrong apologizes in advance!!!

Moonlight Sonata update

Yeah, the KAL is not done and I can still l post !
This photo is at 5 pattern repeats (1 ball of Ecofil) and the 2nd. photo is at 8 repeats. I might take this one to 12. We'll see how long it is at 10. I want something to keep my butt warm standing out at the fire on cool summer evenings.

This is a cool pattern and not as complicated as it originally looked.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Slow and Steady

While many of you have actually finished your shawl (or even two!) I've been going back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth whittling down my 541 stitches. I've finished 40 rows and now have 461 stitches on the needles. Isn't it amazing that "only 461 stitches" feels like so much less? Only 20+ rows to go! I'm loving all of your amazing shawls and I'm already making plans for my next one.