Sunday, July 29, 2007

picture of moon detail

Lisa: Thank you for let me know. The pattern is correct, there are purl stitches on the knit side. On the tip of the moon, it starts with purl.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Please Help Anne K!

I rec'd this via email and told her I'd post it here. Anyone who can help her with the Moonlight Sonata please give a shout out! Thanks. Lisa


I've frogged the thing three times, sigh.

I'm working from the 'write-out' of the pattern, not the chart as I can't 'do' charts. My prob seems to be ending up with a purl stitch set on a knit side (with the moons) around row 11? The row 10 write out says k3tog, k2tog, etc...

Written out row 11 says to k2tog. Should I change this to a p2tog?

ANY help would be appreciated.

A Keen"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Voyager Lace Shawl

I started this yesterday, I find the written words easier to follow with this particular pattern and the stitch markers have been helpful too, but its an easy knit and I am looking forward to the finished product. I am using the darker brown of the Cash Tweeds I think it was called Oak

Swatch this!

Here's my swatch; this stuff knits up beautifully! The deep rust color has more deep red/deep rust in it; the lighter colors on the side aren't that over-bright, either. In fact, they're really only about that color deep into the grey, and a bit less saturated; they then lighten up nicely from there! I wanted to show the richness and depth of the deep colors, though, so in order to do that everything else ended up a bit too intense. (Sorry, I just LOVE how this really looks! This gives a good approximation of it, though!)

I'm now calling the project, Incan Waves (she says, waving madly at you!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Progress Update

I started SK's Sun Ray shawl while on my trip to Vancouver. I worked all the way through one skein (246yds with US9 needles) of the lovely Apricot yarn from Jayne's Etsy shop (See Jayne Knits Yarn). This is a great pattern: easy to knit even while chatting with friends, and, as SK noted, a perfect pattern for a beginner. I am so happy with the yarn, too. This is Jayne's 100% merino, and it is so soft. Having seen Jayne's dyeing process in person (see my blog), I know that part of the softness of her yarns is the care she takes in the dyeing and the washing she does as a last step.

Poor Luna Moth is still stalled out, but since my knitting mojo seems to be back, I hope to finish it in a week or so, whenever I get a Round Tuit.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Progress report

Hi all,

Here is the picture of my lace stole. Got my camera this week and finally am learning how to use it. Not bad for my first shot. The lace project is the Children of Lir which is over half done. Yah! I may attempt a shawl on next one. I really like this pattern. Lots of challenge, with left and right decreases, double decreases, and the like. I learn something new with each project that I do.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hi all,

I just joined this KAL and am rather excited about it. My first shawl is a design from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman. The design is called Children of Lir Rectangle Stole, very lacy; gorgeous if I do say so myself. The material I am using is a fingering weight yarn from KnitPicks in a very soft yellow. I am using size 8 needles. I have an aunt who is in a nursing home who we intend to go see next month when we are on vacation in Idaho, she lives in Washington. I work at home as a medical transcriptionist, oh for the past 5 years or so. I have been knitting for many years, and it has become a passion of mine. And I love lace. My DH says it is very romantic. I have learned a lot already about Provisional method of using a waste yarn and why. I have got to get a digital camera, so you guys can see my progress. I already have about an inch done. Since I work during the day, I only have time to knit at night. All for now.

Linda E.

Luna Moth newbie

Hi Everyone!

I just started knitting my first shawl (Luna Moth in Callista) and I wanted to share my progress with other elann shawl enthusiasts. Well, ok, I also wanted to find other people who have knit this pattern in case I run into trouble (:{ I'm knitting it for myself to wear to my cousin's wedding at the end of August (yeah I realize this is coming up soon, if I don't get to wear it to the wedding I'm ok with that). My dress is strapless and espresso colored and when I saw this shawl on elann I knew it would be perfect. I just fell in love.

So far as knitting lace goes, once I got through initial provisional cast on difficulties, its been pretty easy. Here is my progress for the first 40 rows. I know white paper doesn't make for the best background, but I'm kinda sleepy, and I didnt feel like finding an alternative. So I'll try and take a better picture next time I post.

I think it looks pretty good for a first go at shawls. And I haven't even had to use my lifelines (yet) *knocks-on-wood*

Have a great night and I look forward to seeing everyone else's shawls!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sun Ray Shawl

I thought I'd show off the progress I've made so far on my Sun Ray Shawl (being made for my grandmother for Christmas).

This is 40 rows completed:

I'm using the double knit wool from in 'Cafe Creme.' The French minor in me wants to make that Café Crème.
As I don't have to have this done until December, I'm taking it leisurely. I do like the simplicity of the shawl and it's quite easy to memorize.