Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Luna Moth newbie

Hi Everyone!

I just started knitting my first shawl (Luna Moth in Callista) and I wanted to share my progress with other elann shawl enthusiasts. Well, ok, I also wanted to find other people who have knit this pattern in case I run into trouble (:{ I'm knitting it for myself to wear to my cousin's wedding at the end of August (yeah I realize this is coming up soon, if I don't get to wear it to the wedding I'm ok with that). My dress is strapless and espresso colored and when I saw this shawl on elann I knew it would be perfect. I just fell in love.

So far as knitting lace goes, once I got through initial provisional cast on difficulties, its been pretty easy. Here is my progress for the first 40 rows. I know white paper doesn't make for the best background, but I'm kinda sleepy, and I didnt feel like finding an alternative. So I'll try and take a better picture next time I post.

I think it looks pretty good for a first go at shawls. And I haven't even had to use my lifelines (yet) *knocks-on-wood*

Have a great night and I look forward to seeing everyone else's shawls!


Joan said...

Great job, Cassandra! I am about to CO another Luna myself.

smariek said...

Looks like a great start!!!

Anonymous said...

You should be done by August; Luna Moth is both lovely, and doable. Don't worry if you have to use your life lines. That's what they are there for! The color you chose with an espresso dress will be gorgeous.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Luna is a wonderful pattern, just have fun with it!!

Cassandra said...

thanks for the encouragement everyone!

lindaloveslace said...

So pretty Cassandra,

I have that pattern and may try it next. I am sooo into knitting lace shawls.