Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Voyager Lace Shawl

I started this yesterday, I find the written words easier to follow with this particular pattern and the stitch markers have been helpful too, but its an easy knit and I am looking forward to the finished product. I am using the darker brown of the Cash Tweeds I think it was called Oak


kellygirl said...

I can't wait to see it grow. Your shawls just knock me out, Grace!

TheKnittingTeen said...

Thanks for the comment. And I will definitley check out those series of books! I'm think of using a totally different yarn for the baby blanket that still soft but a bit easier to knit with even though it splits a little. Anyways have you ever tride doing a pattern with flash cards. What you do is you write each step on a flash card then you punck a hole in the upper right corner and get a big ring thing ( I for got what there called) to put it on. Then you never loose your spot and its easier to read the pattern!

Anonymous said...


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