Monday, July 23, 2007

Progress Update

I started SK's Sun Ray shawl while on my trip to Vancouver. I worked all the way through one skein (246yds with US9 needles) of the lovely Apricot yarn from Jayne's Etsy shop (See Jayne Knits Yarn). This is a great pattern: easy to knit even while chatting with friends, and, as SK noted, a perfect pattern for a beginner. I am so happy with the yarn, too. This is Jayne's 100% merino, and it is so soft. Having seen Jayne's dyeing process in person (see my blog), I know that part of the softness of her yarns is the care she takes in the dyeing and the washing she does as a last step.

Poor Luna Moth is still stalled out, but since my knitting mojo seems to be back, I hope to finish it in a week or so, whenever I get a Round Tuit.


Grace Yaskovic said...

looks absolutely gorgeous, I love knitting this shawl

kellygirl said...

It's beautiful! The apricot and peach colors are divine. I can't wait to dive into my SJK yarn.

Nannie343 said...

I love your Sun Ray Shawl, it's beautiful. I've only been knitting a short while and have only knitted scarves. I have just started the shawland was reading the directions for repeating rows 15-34 5 to six times for the desired length, working additional stitches into pattern repeats as established! I'm lost...where do you add the additional stitches. This is my first shawl, Help Nannie343