Monday, June 18, 2007

Just Getting Started

Well, I finally cast on for my Pacific waves Shawl. I'm doing mine in the Brazilia print. And, I've already made a mistake and had to tink. Apparently I can't count, plus my son kept asking questions about this show we were watching. If he had been listening instead of constantly talking, he would have understood what was going on. No sympathy, please- he's 12 and should know better, especially when I finally yell "I'm trying to count!!!" I should also know not to knit at 10:00 pm.


Joan said...

I would find it near impossible to keep 500++ sts straight so kudos to you for cranking along. I've tinked in every item I've ever knit. It goes with the territory. Good luck!

Lisa W. said...

I have to teenager purposely interrupts me when I'm counting stitches..just to try to trip me up...she loves pushing my buttons :) Good luck on those 500zillion stitches. It is a lovely shawl and I've heard folks say it's great once you get in the rhythm!

smariek said...

Oy, it'd take me forever to work through one of those rows. Good luck with the shawl. We want to see photos!!!