Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Person joining the ranks!

Hi all,

My name is Cheryl and I am a 47 yr. old disabled veteran, as is my hubby, we are both retired military. I started knitting again after a 20+ yr. hiatus. I had surgery and was off my feet for several weeks and decided to start knitting again. I guess when you get older you appreciate some of the finer arts like knitting. Well I haven’t stopped knitting. We live in TX and share our home with 2 small dogs a Chinese Crested named Rita she is 6 yr. old and the baby Sir Angus Seton (Angus for short) he is a toy poodle in the rare color markings of a Black and Red Phantom. Boy is he a little pistol at times lol. We have a nice home, I was able to have my own office/craft room so I can enjoy knitting in my room and if I have a “big” project I can leave it out without having to worry about someone touching it. I presently have several WIPs. I have 2 pair of socks, Lacey Baby Blanket, a Throw, two purse/totes on needles, and just started a Mystery Shawl, so I will be starting the Bed of Roses Shawl when I get the other shawl. Yes call me a go getter, since this is my first attempt at making one of them. I have a twisted cable throw, Dragonfly Wings shawl, plus I am working on a design for a felted purse to name a few. I find knitting to be relaxing and soothing. Not only is it a great way to stimulate the brain make it work. I have had a brain/head injury when in the service so the knitting actually helps my brain stay focused and the need to know and learn new knitting things/projects is great. I hope to make some new sock knitting friends.

Everyone have a blessed weekend!
Cheryl (CW)


smariek said...

Welcome to the KAL, Cheryl! Wow, you've got a lot of big projects there. Looking forward to seeing your Bed of Roses shawl. Have you decided on which yarn and color?

UniquelymeNana said...

I am still searching I know that I want a nice true red color not a red that has orange tones. I remeber when I was growing up there was a color red that I liked and my great grandmother was horrified because back then it was refered to as "Hooker Red" lol. But is a true cool toned/hued red and I love it. I would love to find a nice maybe 50% lace amd 50% wool.