Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Moonlight Sonata update

Yeah, the KAL is not done and I can still l post !
This photo is at 5 pattern repeats (1 ball of Ecofil) and the 2nd. photo is at 8 repeats. I might take this one to 12. We'll see how long it is at 10. I want something to keep my butt warm standing out at the fire on cool summer evenings.

This is a cool pattern and not as complicated as it originally looked.


sk said...

Diane: that looks pretty, you are a lace master!

Joan said...

Lace master indeed, Diane! That is one difficult pattern and look at your beautiful lace.

Diane said...

Thanks you 2, *blushing*
I'm not finding this very hard at all. Once you get your head around those 3 increases, it's a breeze. (Especially compared with the GardenPath, as every row is different on that one!)

I'll be done today. That's not bad, 10 days of pt. knitting.


Grace Yaskovic said...

i can't wait to see it finished, its so pretty the color and all, I have yet to do it although I have it printed out!

smariek said...

Very nice, I love the color you chose.