Monday, April 30, 2007

Basic Knitter Attempts Shawl

Hello, I am Amanda from Vermont. Thank you for inviting me to join this Knit-A-Long. I have never been involved in a kal, or any a-long for that matter.

The shawl I hope to make is Peruvian Cuzco Wrap. While I am not a beginning knitter, I knit simple because my life is complicated. :) This wrap seems to be one that I can make without too much stress.

I do not plan to use the cuzco, so substitute yarn suggestions would be great.


Grace Yaskovic said...

I knit a similar pattern in MOhair that works up beautifully! Just a thought!

Joan said...

Mohair is a great idea as Grace said. Maybe Grace can tell you how much she used and what gauge. I have some bulky mohair on hand if you like earth tones. If you are looking for a summer shawl, check out the bulky wt summer yarns at Elann, like this one:
I think it would make a great shawl.

makey said...

thank you Grace, I do have some mohair. Would the kid mohair yarn I got from you work Joan? I was looking at that last night. I also have some Moda-Dea Cache.. that is more of a thick and thin yarn though. I will check out the "yarn sale" and see what you have. thank you ladies. i have cast on a test yarn to check my abilities. :)

Lisa W. said...

Welcome Amanda! hmmm...mohair makes a luscious shawl/wrap. But some thick/thins would look great in that pattern too. that's the best thing about shawls/wraps i think, you have so many wonderful options for so many different looks depending on the yarn. Anxious to see what you decide.