Monday, April 30, 2007

Help me choose my first ever shawl!

Hi guys! I started knitting late in February this year, and I've knit 1.5 scarves (it'd be a full 2 but I've lost the other needle for it!) and a couple of wash cloths. I'm definitely ready to try something a bit more interesting, and I see several patterns here that say they are good for beginners, that they are good first shawls.

What do you guys think?

And I'm glad to be here!

Edit: I guess I should list the ones I'm thinking about (basically most of the easy ones)

Pacific Waves
Luna Moth (rather advanced beginner, but oh so gorgeous?? probably too hard . . .)
Sun Ray
Flower Petal
Peruvian Cuzco

I'd like to do the most interesting-looking one I can with my skills, that wouldn't be over-reaching.


smariek said...

Welcome to the KAL! I picked the Sun Ray because it is one of the easier ones and this would be my very first shawl. But I'm also looking at the Luna Moth too now, and am thinking of changing to that, although Luna Moth looks a little harder.

Regardless of which shawl you pick, there will be plenty of people (the shawl designer, people who have knit the shawl, & other helpful folks) here and on Elann who can help if you have questions.

Svetlana said...

Welcome aboard! I think Sun Ray is a good choice for a beginner as well as Pasific Wave. Both are beautiful, stitches are easy to memorize and not too stressful. Good luck, and as Marie said, this is a great bunch of people here many of whom are both helpful and experienced.

Lisa W. said...

Welcome Sarebear! I'm doing the SunRay myself since I had the dickens of a time with another supposedy "easy" shawl pattern! But I'm also going for the Luna immediately afterwards. As previously stated, you'll have lots of helpful advice and the SunRay (i'm finding) is a really easy and fun knit. Best of luck!

Sarebear said...

I was maybe leaning towards Sun Ray, and now I think that's what I'll do! Thanks for all the advice! Now, on to yarns for it . . . I don't have a stash, so I figured to just buy from elann . . . either stuff they already have or some of the new pretty ones coming out I saw in a recent pdf . . . . what would be good? solid color, obviously, as variegated would not show the pattern well.

junior_goddess said...

I've done the flower petal, and that is easily achievable. Did any of your washcloths involve patterns? Just about everything on your list would be a good choice, just keep a knitting encyclopedia handy, and holler if you need help!

Sarebear said...

The washcloths, some had garter stitch borders, some seed/moss stitch, and then they were just picture motifs (difference between the knit and purl made the pics).

Oh, also have a partly done mitered dishcloth, so that has a bit beyond just the knit/purl in it. I was so amazed that it would work that way!

I really appreciate the warm welcome, kindness, and advice and you guys being here for me! I'm going to brows and attempt to pick a yarn and color.

That flower petal one is so pretty, too . . . .!! Shawl, I mean. I am also looking to learn a few new things by doing this, although not a billion things at once.

I'm so excited (yes, I have startitis but it IS a rush, isn't it? This KAL will help keep me going, too . . . )

Sarebear said...

Well, me and my changing mind, lol, but the Pacific waves in the beautiful variegated Sonata colors just keeps me riveted to it . . . The Rose Garden colorway that is done up looks so gorgeous . . . . (not for me though, most pinks don't look so hot on me!) . . . I'm torn between Incan Clay, Mayan Treasure, and Curacao (A more subtle colourway). The drama of the first two really appeals to me, as they are as bold as the Rose Garden one pictured in the sample they did.

I am not sure if I should do the whole thing variegated, or do it with some solids as in the various blues sample they did.

Also, this yarn is machine washable, and cotton should be a bit cooler than wool, although it IS a huge shawl . . . enough to wrap up cozily in, if desired.

The Brazilia and the Sea Shell call to me, as well.

Eeee, help me, lol.