Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sun Ray

I really wanted to knit this shawl ever since it first showed up. I seem to have lost the page on row 6. This does not bode well for someone with a short attention span. I put it away with the yarn, so I guess I better get it back out. Yarn is HW Ruby Red. I love the color. Thinking I had better knit this fast as it is already in the high 80's here. Brain focus please :-) When I got the red yarn I also got the same amount in starlight blue, for (hahaha) another shawl. Any way I will get it out today and fix whatever mistake I made. I feel like a turtle in the middle of the Autobahn, all you speedy folks revving up behind me :-)


smariek said...

Oh I love that Ruby Red color! I used it for my Persephone Scarf in HS, loved it so much that I picked up 4 balls same color in HW.

I've picked out Sun Ray as my pattern too, but am a much slower turtle than you since I haven't neither picked out my yarn nor cast on.

Lisa W. said...

Hi Suzann! I love the ruby red too and really waffled between that and the violet heather. the sunray is a fast knit (so far!) I'm about halfway through with repeat # 4 and it just seems to do it mostly by itself! hope you find a nice air conditioned spot to knit in...or hey...take a little alaskan vacation and you can knit wool all year long!

Joan said...

Save the Starlight Blue for the Luna Moth shawl. ;-)