Saturday, April 28, 2007

Which yarn for Sun Ray?

Well, I've picked out my pattern (yay! that's half the battle right?) and need to choose the yarn. Since I don't have 6 balls of Highland Wool, I'm gonna have to use something else instead. I thought about a DK weight 60/40 wool/acrylic blend, but then Lisa mentioned that it won't block the way natural fibers would. She asked me what I had in my stash. No clue of course (not that I have a very large stash, mind you) ... so I dug into my stash to see what possibilities I had. Here's what I've come up with (Sorry, I'm lazy, this is copy/pasted from an email I sent):

I have 4 balls each of Highland Wool in indigo heather, red maple, and ruby. I only got 4 balls because I was thinking of scarves when I ordered them.

I have 5 balls each of Highland Silk in 4 different colors, again thinking of scarves when I ordered them. Since the pattern calls for 6 balls of worsted, that would probably translate to more balls in a thinner weight?

Would superwash wool work? I have 10 balls of Cleckheaton DK superwash wool in brown which was earmarked for something else, but I can use that instead.

I have 8 balls each of Austermann Peru sport weight in 5 colors, not sure if that will be enough yardage? Never used it so don't know. I think it's thinner than DK, maybe thinner than fingerling? Forget where sport weight falls.

I have 5 balls of Super Tweed, forget what that was, worsted?

Oh, just realized that I have tons of Marly superwash wool. 10 balls each of estate wine, wild berry, newport blue, amethyst shadow, and raphael purple.

Tons of Baby Cashmere (26 peacock, 12 cashmere blue, 12 dusky lavender, 12 prism pink, 12 rose heather, 12 morning mist) ... and tons of Baby Silk (12 pink seashell, 12 raspberry, 12 lotus blossom, 12 aubergine, 12 oxblood, 10? sapphire, 12 deepest black)

10 balls each of that Debbie Bliss Merino DK that came out a little while back (fresh olive, pine green, cyclamen, lavender, tomato)

Ok, what do you guys think I should use for Sun Ray? And what needle size would be appropriate?

I'm thinking probably not the brown Cleckheaton, I just don't see brown being a good shawl color. And I'm thinking not the BC/BS cuz I would like stay motivated and finish a shawl before the next Ice Age, lol.



Lisa W. said...

Go for the Debbie Bliss...maybe tomatoe? yum!

Joan said...

I say use the Austermann Peru, which coincidentally is the yarn I used for my 75% finished Luna Moth shawl. I ran out of the green to finish, want to sell me yours?

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Something bright because it is called Sun Ray?