Saturday, April 28, 2007

Luna Moth progress

Thank you Lisa for such a quick invite! I'm in now!

I could have been half way tru by now, but I was so frustrated last night that I couldn't knit. Good thing I didn't frogg it last night. Today I took it out to the daylight, pinned it to a white towel and now see that everything is just fine. I'm finally able to see the fern lace pattern.
Here is what I have now:

Luna Moth Shawl progress


Lisa W. said...

svetlana that luna is looking glad you didn't frog it last night.

Amy said...

Seeing yours may help me understand mine. I seem to be able to "see" the pattern on the first 10 rows of chart 2 while I am knitting, but I am not able to do the last 10 without the chart. I am starting my second repeat of last 10 now, so maybe if will become clear to me this go round.