Monday, May 14, 2007

Amanda & her Peruvian Cuzco Wrap

Amanda, for some reason, comments are not enabled at your post the other day about your cuzco wrap so I am moving it here for comments. I would not worry about stitch definition. I've knitted with Cuzco and it shows zero stitch definition even when blocked. Your pattern is supposed to be fuzzy and it looks to me like you found the perfect yarn for it. I also love those colors. Keep posting!


kellygirl said...

(I was wondering why I couldn't comment.) I love the color you chose. I think it's going to be a gorgeous wrap. Looking forward to more pix!

makey said...

thank you joan. i don't know what happened with the comments thing on the other post, never saw the option. i think i fixed it. oh well.

thank you kellygirl, it is beautiful yarn.