Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Okay, Here's The Real Action Chez Jayne

A woman I like very much has recently found out that her daughter is very very sick with a rare form of brain cancer. I feel just awful about it. I've met the daughter, and she's a dear one: lovely, lively, younger than me. It's just not right.

My friend is a knitter, and she loves orange. I am knitting her a suprise comfort shawl in a bright orange and buttercup yellow mix.

You've probably already recognized the pattern as Sunray. I am really enjoying the knit. It is smooth and easy and rhythmic. I can have the TV on or not. I could see making this shawl more than once.

I am knitting it up in some of my hand-dyed yarn. This one is the soft washable mercerized wool that I have in several colorways over at my etsy shop. I really like knitting with this yarn. It's a worsted weight and very soft. It slipped so smoothly along on my 6mm ebony Lantern Moon straight needles until I got to the third repeat and decided to move it over to circulars.

I'm trying to knit this shawl before doing any other knitting. I'd like to be able to give it away within about two weeks.


kellygirl said...

The color is breathtaking, Jayne! Your knitting looks perfect too. I think your friend is going to absolutely love it!

Grace Yaskovic said...

Your stitches are just perfect, what a gorgeous shawl

benne said...

Jayne, that is drop-dead gorgeous! Beautiful yarn and knitting. Your friend will feel so special, wrapped in love and prayers.

smariek said...

OMG, that yarn is gorgeous! I'm sure your friend will love the shawl.