Saturday, May 5, 2007

I need help-- More ways than one!

I am making the Sun Ray for my daughter's birthday May 18. I am on row 15, I do not understand what it means to increase. Ih ave 43 stitches, not enought to do 10 increases on each side??? And it appears that they have reversed the k2tog and ssk, can someone explain to me how I am to make this grow wider? I have been knitting for 10 years and feel like an idiot, asking what is probably a simple question! Page


smariek said...

On row 15 ... I don't think you're doing 10 increases on each side. It's more like 3 increases on each side; there are 3 YO increases on each side of the center K1.

The "repeat" part is the section in parentheses with the asterisks around it like this: * ( repeat section ) *
and this "repeat" section is worked over 10 stitches.

If you're on your first repeat of the pattern (rows 15 to 34), you are most likely going to work that repeat section just once.

Gryffinitter said...

The decreases are changed on either side of the center in order to make the shawl look prettier. Each side is a mirror image of the other. Sort of like when you fold a piece of paper and make an inkblot.

It is a new skill, so of course it is awkward at first but you will see that just a few things will click, you will be flying along, and you will be so happy you tried! If our explanations are not clear enough, ask again - someone else may be able to explain it better...

sk said...

After row 14, you should have 43 sts. On row 15, you will increase 4 sts total, 1 after the edging, 1 before center sts, 1 after center sts and 1 more before edging. Now you will have 47 sts. All even rows no increase. Therefore, every two rows, you will have four increase sts. It is not a 10 increase, but 10 stitches repeat.
Yes, it is a mirror imagine on both side.
Hope I answer the question, if not clear, please ask again, I will try to explain.