Thursday, May 24, 2007

Awaiting a Knit Picks Options Cable . . .

and a few tips. A Loooong cable. Couldn't find anything local long enough for my Pacific Waves shawl in Sonata Print Incan Clay colorway.

Just a short update; I was hoping they'd be here in time for my camping trip this weekend, so's I could bust out alot of hours on it!

Alas, no such luck (okay, so I procrastinated ordering too long!)

I've just gotta figure out what I'm going to take with me to knit, now that I'm medium to large project-less. Going to get caught up on reading recent posts and commenting on them tomorrow!


Allison said...

Can't wait to see once you get started! I'm using the KnitPicks options for my Pacific Waves. Using size 9 but 8 would be good too if you like it a bit tighter. I TOTALLY recommend following the suggestion in the pattern to put a stitch marker every 18 stitches!

Joan said...

For camping: socks or washcloths. Have fun!