Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Help, please

Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with the cast on for the sun ray shawl. I can do the knit 3 but then how do you pick up the stitches on the sides? Is it the same way you would pick up stitches on a sock? I hope this doesn't sound stupid !
I think my yarn is too small , I might get some heavier yarn. Thanks in advance :)


Svetlana said...

Star, hold your needles in front of you with the knitted piece hanging down. Now turn the whole thing clockwise at the 90 degrees angle. Now your knitted stripe will be in horizontal position. Pick up sts along the side of the stripe and don't forget to count the ones you already have on the needle.
Ask your questions, don't hesitate! That's why we are all here. Good luck!

smariek said...

I always wondered whether I was doing the pick-up-sts-along-side part correctly. Do you do it between the "knots" (sticking needle under the 2 strands of yarn)? Or do you use your needle to pierce the "knotty" part?

Whenever I Did it wrong, I'd lose a stitch somewhere and had to start over again.