Sunday, May 13, 2007

Patty's Luna Moth Shawl

Originally this was supposed to be a travel project, since I will be spending around 45 hours roundtrip air and airport time starting Tuesday. I cast on, finished first pattern repeat and staged a couple other projects for the whole trip. But the other projects were staged, being a little easier to memorize, and the Mom's day projects finished, so I picked it back up and now the Luna Moth Shawl is done and ready to be worn on the trip.

I am always amazed at the difference blocking/dressing lace makes. Off the needles the shawl was about 36 inches wide. It dressed to 48 inches. I love lace!


Billie said...

Very nice, Patty! Maybe you won't see my post before you leave on Tues. (Am I nosy to ask where are you going that takes that much travel time...kick me if I'm too snoopy!)

What yarn/needles did you use? Any chance of a travel pic? You could call it "The Shawl That Saw (fill in the blank)"!!!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

You zoomed through the shawl! Close up pictures please.

Grace Yaskovic said...

what yarn did you use Patty, very pretty shawl

kellygirl said...

It's lovely! I like the color--variegated but still shows off the pattern.

Patty said...

Thanks all!

Billie: Not nosy at all. I've already told people on my blog. Tomorrow at this hour we'll be somewhere over the Atlantic winging our way to Scotland via London Heathrow. Living in Portland, OR, international travel is a challenge anyway— involving at least one US big city stop and it's that extra stop at Heathrow that has added so much time. American seems to have cancelled all US flights to Glasgow.

Billie and Grace: Yarn is Just Our Yarn "Zen" silk/cashmere I picked up at Stitches West last year. I don't see it on their website, though. Very soft. I think I used US 5 needles. I should document these things better.

Cate, I'm taking the shawl, camera and computer, so I'll try to get closeups posted. If not, then I'll take care of when I get home.

Amy QOY said...

I love your combination of yarn and pattern. It just shimmers. You will be the most stylish traveler at the airport if you wear it.