Monday, May 28, 2007

Catching up!

Hi all, Thought I'd start this with a current picture of me and my, Vogue Knitting spring 2007, lace sweater:-) Biased knit fronts really kept this interesting. (done in Patons Merino, denim blue)
Sun Ray Shawl done in Ecofil burnt orange.

The Garden Path Shawl, done in Ecofil purple.

Luna Moth Shawl, done in a baby weight 95% virgin wool and 5% Lurex. I should have done a few more repeats of the pattern but I couldn't tell how big it would be when blocked or if blocking would even work...?
It turned out a lit better than expected:-) I did 2 rows of the yo k1 yo to get longer points.

Moonlight Sonata Shawl , done... of course in Ecofil ,2 blue tweed. Just started this last night. It's a bit of a struggle but I'm getting the hang of the pattern.

It seems that I like EcoFil cotton and I do but... It's the only yarn in the stash that would work for these beautiful shawl patterns. So..... (I still have more too... green and pink and light green tweedy colour arghhhhh!)



kellygirl said...

Wow! Your needles must be on fire. What gorgeous projects!

Lisa W. said...

i am in awe! I'll have to give that ecofil another look. great jobs on are becoming a lacemaster!

Sarebear said...

Wow, gorgeously done projects, and so many shawls! Big thumbs up and many pats on the back. I'm loving that yarn in the one you just starte4d!

Diane said...

Thanks all,
They have all been done this spring... The black one I just finished a few days ago. I'm hopelessly addicted to the needles and Elann. So many gorgeous patterns and yarns:-) I'll have to actually buy some soon.... it's been killing me trying to use up some of my stash yarns first.


smariek said...

Holy moley, you are a busy girl!!! All lovely projects. That's a neat sweater pattern.

sk said...

Diane: Love to see your finished lace knitting. I am so please to see your garden path shawl, not too many people knit that one, a little bit too difficult. Thank you showing us your work.SK

Diane said...

Shui, That is the one that I have done twice! I also painfully wrote out the pattern, if anyone one wants it.

Some day I WILL do it in the alpaca. That purple was what drew me to it!