Friday, May 18, 2007

New Shawls on the Needles

Tom and Jeannie went to the Tattoo SHop tonight to visit with their buddies so I have time to knit and blog. Before she left Jeannie left me some of those 7 layer bars, made with graham and coconut and nuts and chips etc, and the one I just ate tasted so good. I haven't had much of an appetite but that was a nice treat.

This is the Sunray Shawl under construction, made from gold Elann Luna, on size 9 addis, It is such a deligthful pattern, the first one I made back in December was shipped out so fast I had forgotten what a delight it is.

This is LunaMoth Shawl done in Estelle Dazzle in 2 colors, one is Passion and the other is Fireweed, it is being done on size 7 addi's the larger needles just weren't working for this project at all. It is hard to see with this yarn and after 4 repeats its in a bit of a time out. I am enjoying SUnray more while I think long and hard on this one.

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smariek said...

I'll have to try Sun Ray. I'm almost done with Luna, and love the pattern (guess I finally got into the rhythm of it) and want to make more of this one. Your Luna looks very festive.