Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Elimination Round 1

You're GONE!

Some might mistake this for 35 rows of the Luna Shawl in Idena EVITA (cotton/viscose/linen blend). Others would recognize this bad ball for what it is...frogged! This shawl has officially been eliminated. More like disqualified for misbehaving. It's thin and thick properties combined with a stringiness to make me realize that it needs a tighter knit pattern, as in less hole-y! Well, less than "holy" is how it's been behavin'! I should have stuck to using it for a SunRay...but that will be another day, another KAL!

I'm now down to two shawls! But I really don't see there being a 2nd elimination round. The second shawl is just as hard to put down as the mohair Luna. Probably because it's totally different from the Luna. It's heavy where the Luna is light; it's chock full of knit stitches compared to the lacy Luna...not a lacy hole to be found (not intentionally, anyway!). And the heavy duty Highland Chunky is like huge...huge stitches, huge needles, huge-in-your-face progress! I feel like a hearty maritime sea captain down at the tavern every time I pick her up (Ever been to sea, Billie?)!!

Compare to the demur, lady-like Luna, that is.

So, here it is...the start of my Highland Wool Wrap. It looks like the cables are getting weird, but they're not (I HOPE!). It's just the photo was done with the scanner and it was kinda like doing a mammogram to my poor wrap...things got flattened that weren't ever intended to be squished !

The gentle little mohair Luna has seen a few rows but nothing like what some of you speed demon Luna knitters have been producing. But with this baaaaad Evita back in her box, the Luna and the Wrap should see a bit more lovin'!

Hmmm....Now might be a good time to ask: Is there a time limit on this KAL...


jayne said...

Billie, you're a natural born blogger. Why haven't we seen you in blogland before now??

Girl, you've got a voice and a style. We want a Billie-blog!

Oh, mmmmm...is that Eileen's Highland Chunky wrap?? If so, I am sooo envious. I love that wrap. Your cables look fine to me. The mammogram comparison made me choke my figurative coffee.

Grace Yaskovic said...

looks just wonderful to me Billie I think you should BLOG too

kellygirl said...

Ahoy, thar. Nice lookin' projects there Cap'n. Is that tranquil lagoon HW chunky? I loved the big needles too--it sure goes fast when your not knitting with toothpicks! And I agree with the others, you should blog!

Billie said...

Yup, this is Eileen's Highland Wool Wrap, http://www.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=165024 , down in Forest Glade Heather HW Chunky (no sign of a tranquil lagoon for this ol' salt, Kellygirl! Ar, Ar, Ar!!!).

The blog idea is soooo tempting BUT I waffle between paranoia that there may be lurkers out there who care about the dribble I'd spout. Or worse: I wouldn't be able to turn off my dribble and would just spend the whole day blabbing away & not getting anything else done!

smariek said...

You crack me up with the mammogram reference. I didn't realize the Highland Wool wrap started out diagonally like that.

I think you should start a blog too!!!