Friday, May 4, 2007

needles question

I have cast on my Peruvian wrap. While I did/do have the correct size needle, I know they aren't the ones for this job. I am they type of person who can read and hear the right way to do things over and over, but I still need to find out myself by doing. My size 15 bamboo needles aren't pointy. Any suggestions for a good large needle that is very pointy? I have to go and buy them today, so I have them ready if I get knitting time in this weekend.

Thank you in advance. Amanda


smariek said...

Not sure I'll be much help here since I don't know much about needles. I just wanted to say that my favorite sharp/pointy needles for lace type knitting are Inox Express needles. I don't know if their needles are just as pointy in the larger sizes though.

Lisa W. said...

check out knitpicks options...i'm not sure off the top if they go up to size 15, but they are a nice pointy needle with a nice price. Alternatively brittany birch's have a bit more grab to them and nice points too. good'll find the right ones!

makey said...

thank you! i couldn't find anything locally so have been looking online. i will look for the needles suggested. amanda