Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I actually got started on this KAL

Never thought I'd find myself posting on a blog :) I rarely read them and nearly never comment and here I am with my own post.

Decided the plane today was too crowded for work, but it is never too crowded to knit!
Thus I stole a little knitting time and got started. I'm doing the Luna shawl in cream Lara, yummmm. No pictures yet, but I'll try to find a camera or use a scanner after hours.
SK - the pattern is amazing.

Can't believe so many shawls are so far along. it is really fun to see all the pictures. Thanks for setting this up.


smariek said...

I just looked at the Lara page on Elann and saw that it came in lots of beautiful colors.

How does this yarn feel? Did we ever get snips for this? If so, which month/year newsletter was it? I'll have to go see if I have it.

I'd be interested in finding out how many balls of Lara you used for Luna.

kellygirl said...

Welcome aboard, Chris! That Lara sure is nice--hope you find a camera soon!